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    Used Amusement Park Rides - Making Money and People Happy Simultaneously
    For rides' owners, there is a great variety of equipment to choose from.

    1. Plan B
    2. New Vs. Used
    3. Brokers
    4. Trades
    5. Starting Small

    With the economy being the way it is and people losing their jobs all over the country, it is wise to have a Plan B. In this particular case Plan B involves used amusement park rides. For those that already are rides' owners, there is a great variety of equipment to choose from to ensure that your already existing customers keep coming back and, that you attract new customers with your snazzy rides!

    Being the owner of used amusement park rides may seem like an unconventional and very expensive business to own and run. You are probably imagining something extremely complicated with lights and bells and whistles of all sorts that will soar the riders through the skies. Eventually, of course, that is the end objective but, for starters small will do.

    Another factor which needs to be considered is the transportation logistics. If the used amusement park ride that you wish to purchase is located outside your state, then you must consider which the most feasible modes of transportation available are. If the ride is out of the country, overseas, that is a completely different show.

    The obvious advantage of owning used amusement park rides is that you are not paying for the new product, which is truly expensive. Another incentive of used amusement park rides is that there are brokers out there that when it comes time to renew your rides, they will take your used equipment and help you in finding a buyer.

    Yet another option that used amusement park rides offer you is the ability to trade for other equipment. Once again, the "broker" will help you in finding someone else that is in the same situation as you and hook you up.

    Having numerous options is a good thing. With used amusement park rides you are not necessarily stuck with the large, more expensive rides. There are rides of all sizes and prizing. You will undoubtedly find something that fits your budget.

    Plan B

    Keeping your already existing customers happy and entertained, and bringing in new customers is easier than it sounds. The key is "variety". If you are stuck with the same ole used amusement park equipment, you can bet your bottom dollar that sooner rather than later your customers will become bored and seek other forms of entertainment. Alternating your rides every so often is not only feasible, but highly recommended.


    New Vs. Used

    Not everybody has the money to buy brand-new amusement park rides. Consider the requirements - if you have a special ride in mind, putting it together will involve architects and engineers, plus the material and transportation. If you find something that is already been designed and built by a manufacturing company, you will still have to pay for the "never-been-used-before" state of the equipment. The solution to that situation is to buy "used". The variety of used amusement park rides available will amaze you!


    As with virtually any large product, there are brokers that will assist you. Either they have used amusement equipment for sale or, they know of others that are selling and will put you in contact with them - and, these brokers have connections, literally, all over the world! On the same token, when it comes time for you to sell your used amusement park rides, these same brokers will work in reverse for you and help you find a buyer - once again, anywhere in the world.


    With used amusement center equipment you have yet another option - you can trade your equipment with another used rides' owner, if he or she has what you want and vice versa. There are not too many businesses out there that provide you with this option. Here again, your broker may assist you in finding what you are looking for, under these terms.

    Starting Small

    Not all used amusement park rides are necessarily large, bulky and expensive to transport. There are rides for the little ones which may be placed outside a department stores and supermarkets as well as in or outside a mall. These rides normally range from 1 to 4 seats. The medium to larger rides for smaller parks and parking lots may have up to 8 riders.

    When considering the options - primarily, slaving for yourself versus someone else or hoping that your savings will not run out before you find your next job, purchasing used amusement park rides as a start-up business is not so crazy after all. Making money while making people happy is a good thing for everybody!


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